Posted by: janellehilmes | December 2, 2010

Project Update #8

Book: A Smile as Big as the Moon Pages: 48 – 116 For Friday: December 3rd

Reading this book this week got me thinking about how much people can accomplish if they are working toward a common goal. I was reading about how excited these kids are at just the thought of going to space camp, and how much it has changed their lives. The kids are working hard, looking out for each other, and becoming a family. It is an absolute transformation from before they had space camp to look forward to. They are keeping each other in line and watching out for each other.

So I was thinking about how amazing this is, and I started thinking about how team sports do the same thing, uniting people for a common goal. No matter what your background is or what happens off the court or field, once you are playing, you are a team. You have a shared purpose and you become family. When I interviewed Ms. Drake, she talked about unified sports, and how she said this is a give and take situation where both the disabled kids and the peer helpers benefit, and I realized that unified sports are like space camp, they benefit kids in a way nothing else can, by giving them a purpose in life. I have narrowed my project down to getting the word out about unified sports to people in the community. My sister was severely disabled, and yet my mom and dad had never even heard of unified sports. So I have made it my mission to get the word out. I looked into getting an op-ed or editorial type article in the Denver Post or the Castle Rock Newspaper, and I think that I can do it. So if it’s okay with you Mr. Adams, then I am going to make this my final project.


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