Posted by: janellehilmes | November 22, 2010

Job Shadow

For my job shadow, I spent advisement one day in the special education room. I interviewed Ms. Drake and observed some of the things going on. Here are a few questions and answers from my interview:

What is the student to teacher ratio in your classroom?

  • It depends on the needs of the specific child, varying from 1-1 to 1-5 or more.

Are any kids restricted from attending CV because they have a certain disability?

  • No, the No Child Left Behind Act assures kids a free and appropriate education no matter what.

Do you feel SpEd is understaffed?

  • Yes, definitely.

How did district budget cuts affect SpEd?

  • It didn’t because SpEd is federally funded.

Do you feel that there are kids with learning disabilities at CV who should be in SpEd, but are not?

  • Yes.

Overall, how do you think that the kids you work with are treated at CV by other students?

  • I think they are treated really well and their peers accept them and treat them right.

What comes after high school?

  • It’s called a bridge program, from ages 18-23. This gives a better transition into real life and job placement.

How do Unified Sports help these kids?

  • It gives them more social peace. However this program does not only benefit the disabled kids, it also benefits the peer helpers. It is a give and take situation. Every school has Unified Sports.

How can other CV students help with SpEd programs?

  • They can get involved with Unified Sports or take the peer assistant class where they mentor someone who needs a little extra help.

Do you have any specific ideas for my project?

  • Autism is increasing in numbers, so you could research that more in-depth. You could also do a project about unified sports and how that impacts people’s lives. Or you could look into disabled kids in the community, because a lot have jobs around town at local businesses.

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