Posted by: janellehilmes | October 28, 2010

Project Update #3 – Chapters 2, 3, and 4

Book: From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones Pages: 22 – 61 For: Friday, October 29th.

The chapters I read this week were mostly about the author Shari’s early childhood. First, her mother had to learn to deal with Shari at home. She started to encourage Shari to do simple and repetitive tasks such as making the bed or washing the dishes to get rid of energy and help with her focus problems. This worked well until Shari entered public school, where she struggled to get through each day. Then, her 2nd grade teacher Miss Derek came along, and changed her life. She kept Shari in public school when the other teachers wanted her institutionalized. In 2nd grade, Shari did not learn to read, however she learned simple, behavioral skills and learned to like school. It’s exciting to think that one person like Miss Derek, can drastically turn someone’s life around. Every child should be welcomed at school, and it should be an environment that kids look forward to going to every day.



  1. Good job Janelle!!

    Mr. A

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