Posted by: janellehilmes | October 5, 2010

My Topic

For my final project, I will look at the education system that we have in place in America, and see how it affects disabled children. It is my understanding at this point that children with severe special needs do not always have the option to go to their neighborhood elementary school. They are sometimes bused to a certain school that offers special education programs. In my project I will investigate this and figure out my opinion on this. I will need to look at how special education in school affects other students, parents and families of special needs kids, teachers, budgets, and the children themselves. I want to look at how having a special needs child affects and stresses a family, and how schools help that. This project is not all about the school system, it also look at the kids themselves, not strictly just the facts. I want to look into the relationship that special needs children have with their siblings and see how that affects all parties involved. I plan to visit the special education room at our school and talk with the teachers, special needs kids, and their student helpers. My sister had trisomy 18 and could not go to the neighborhood school that my other sister and I attended, so I feel a very personal connection to special needs children and to this topic. I am very excited to take a closer look into their lives, and figure out my opinion on the American public school system regarding special education. Hopefully, this project will give me a better idea of my opinion on these issues and open my eyes once again to the special education system in place in Colorado.


  1. This is such a cool topic Janelle, and I’m glad you’re thinking about talking to our special ed teachers. In fact, I’d start there, and ask them what they think a good topic would be within the field. If you come up with the right questions for them, they could do a lot of work for you, know what I mean?

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