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My Project Reading List

Dave eggers asks people why they don’t get involved with their local schools.


This video suggests that not everyone learns in the same way and schools and other organizations need to understand that and use it to their advantage.


Most video games are not accesible to people who are colorblind, deaf, or have other disabilities. Is this going to change?


The official website for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) – a law ensuring services to children with disabilities throughout the nation.


The author complains about the public education system in America, and how it affects disabled children.


This article shows the costs of educating disabled children.


This article talks about the stresses the education system puts on parents of special needs children.


Book : From stumbling blocks to stepping stones : help and hope for special needs kids / Shari Rusch Furnstahl

A learning disabled child breaks down barriers to become an honor student, a teacher, and a nationally recognized speaker.


Book: A smile as big as the moon / by Kersjes, Michael E.

A special needs teacher breaks down many barriers to get his Sped class into an elite space camp.


Book: The everyday guide to special education law : a handbook for parents, teachers, and other profesionals ; includes 2004 changes to IDEA / by Randy Chapman

This book shows the legal side of special education, starting by explaining what special education is according to law, services considered related to special education, least restricted environments in education, and disabilities that qualify for special education.


Cynthia Banham talks about the importance of leadership and moral courage when fighting for people with physical disabilities.


This video discusses autism and talks about the challenges it brings.


Three youth with Asperger’s syndrome talk about how it has influenced their lives.


The ideas in this video could change and revolutionize teaching.

A man shares his feelings of coping with a special needs child.


A blog about discrimination and if making a law changes anything.

_________________________________________ – Giangreco, M.F. (2007). Extending inclusive opportunities. Educational Leadership, 64(5), 34-37. Available in Full Text PDF.

Adresses questions like “How can students with disabilities meaningfully participate in class if they work many levels below classroom peers?” and talks about inclusion within public schools.

______________________________________ –   Giangreco, M.F. (2003). Moving toward inclusive education. In W.L. Heward (Ed.), Exceptional children: An introduction to special education (7th ed.) (p. 78-79). Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Merrill, an imprint of Prentice Hall. Available in Full Text PDF.

A pamphlet saying that we are making inclusive education too complicated, when it is actually quite simple.


Studies show that kids who form relationships with students with and without severe disabilities have better social skills.


This article shows middle and high school students perspective on being friends with peers with severe disabilities.


A revealing study about children living with disabilities in Zimbabwe.


Information about how disabled children in Russia are treated.


Freedom is all about having choices. But is having more choices better? This can apply to the choice of schools parents of disabled children have.


This website shows the laws and rights that special needs children are guarenteed.


How far is a school allowed to go to keep control of special needs children? This case discusses just that, and the lawsuit that came about in North Carolina.


The website for special needs within Douglas County School District.


Answers questions like how does the special education system work in the United States, who is eligable, and what is special education?


Legal rights of special education.


An article about the problem we have with funding special education in Colorado schools.


Shows the debate over whether sibling interaction with an autistic child has a positive affect on the sibling and the autistic child.



  1. This list of sources looks awesome: and you’ll have to remind me in class next week during our workshop days: we have to look up this special educator (whose name escapes me right now) that is awesome. He’s funny, nationally-renowned, etc., and would be perfect for you.

    Anywho, we’ll talk,

    Mr. A

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