Posted by: janellehilmes | October 5, 2010

My Project’s Audience and Purpose

My project is about special education in the public school system. It is a project that will reach people who care about kids and care about education. It will shed some light on the current situation and hopefully open some eyes to how our education system works. I believe that people need this information and that educators will want to see a different perspective on their work. In general, my audience will be people of moral integrity and compassion. If they are interested in my project, then they care about other people. If I choose to write a series of letters, then my audience is mostly educators and people involved directly in the public education system. They will be people who have steady jobs and steady incomes, and are out of school already. The audience of these letters is a group of well-educated people who care about kids and care about schools and want to make the school system better.  If I choose to write an article, then my audience changes a little bit, because it will not necessarily just be written to people in the education field. The article will be directed toward people who are in all fields and all walks of life, and not only to educators. They will be well-educated, and will most likely enjoy reading. These people are simply reading for pleasure, so I have to be sure to entertain them as well as present the facts. No matter how my final project takes shape, I am going to change people’s minds and to influence the way people think about this subject. I think that the people who read my article or letters will want to hear from me because I will bring things up that affect today’s youth and also affect either the reader’s job, their life, or the lives of people around them. People like to read things that are relevant to their own lives and affect them, however indirectly. I know that my project will be interesting, make good claims, and will persuade people to listen to me. Hopefully I will be able to help some children with disabilities get better care or at least more recognition and to get some of the outstanding special education teachers some recognition as well. I hope to discover some things about myself and about possible careers for my future involving special education. This project will spread the word about special education, and for me, that is the ultimate purpose of my project.


  1. I like all of the options here Janelle, so nice work.

    I wonder if you’d be able to create something—a video, a podcast, etc.—that you could embed on the school website, so that families with special needs kids would know what CVHS is about for special needs kids. Know what I’m saying?

    Mr. A

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